A brief history

The  department  foundation dates back to the middle of the XXth century. It was in 1947 that the department was founded. Initially it was the Chair of Foreign Languages including the Latin language subdivision. Its founder and first chairman was V. Eremeev, associate professor.

Between 1957 and 1966 the department was headed by S. Smirnov who had the title Professor Emeritus.

From 1966 through 1997 the department was headed by B. Danilov, Doctor of Philology who was able to combine harmoniously the training process with education. He initiated and implemented new methods of teaching and the performance evaluation, using the method of testing. Moreover, B. Danilov encouraged students’ intensive scientific work, organizing numerous scientific conferences in English, French and German.

In 1974 the Chair of Foreign Languages underwent restructuring. The chair got split into 2 independent chairs: the Chair of Foreign Languages and the Chair of Latin and Native Languages.

It was M. Păun who was a real advocate and supporter of this process, a great personality and a man of encyclopedic linguistic knowledge who ran the chair between 1973 and 1986.

More recently, the department underwent a new restructuring in 1992, and its name was changed into the Department of Modern Languages (English, French, German and Spanish are taught).

From 1997 to 2010 the Department of Modern Languages was conducted by L. Lupu, Doctor of Philology, Professor Emeritus. Devoted and loyal to traditional values and advanced concepts of efficient training,  L. Lupu paid particular attention to modifying and improving the educational process and to implementing modern methods of teaching.

Since 2010 the Department of Modern Languages has been headed by D. Eşanu-Dumnazev, senior lecturer.

The main objective of the Department activity is to prepare qualified future medical specialists, having a good command of a foreign language and medical terminology.